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By comparison to this vast storehouse of ideas, the Library of Alexandria would have seemed a puny collection cataloguing only the few short millennia of human wisdom.Arthur Denison

The Central Library of Waterfall City is a massive building, which towers over the rest of the city and collects the tens of millions of years of preserved dinosaurian wisdom created in Dinotopia. The inside corridors are equipped with honeycomb shelves for the various scrolls and each room has a fireplace.[1] At the time of Arthur and Will Denison, its Chief Librarian is a Deinonychus called Enit.[2]


Among the thousands of titles housed at the library are such works as:[3]

  • Songs of the Sea Turtles
  • How to Make Gold
  • Paleozoic Poems
  • Lessons from the Bee Dance
  • The Care and Teaching of Humans
  • Perpetual Motion Mechanics
  • A Compendium of Helpful Fungi
  • Masterpieces of Termite Engineering