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Volcaneum is a factory town near the Polongo River, in western Dinotopia. The town was built above the caldera of an active volcano. Stone buildings of the usual Dinotopian architectural style cover the crown of the mountain and spread down the slopes from the top. Casting and forging rooms overlook the heart of the volcano, where master smiths ply their trade. The town supports a Skybax landing pad for communication and courier services. In addition, a giant lathe, powered by dinosaurs, is used in the manufacture of large products.[1]


Blacksmith Shop

Casting and forging in Volcaneum

Volcaneum produces metal products of all sorts, from everyday items like hinges and door knockers, to custom orders like Stegosaurus jewelery.[2]


Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time[]

Arthur and Will Denison accompanied Lee Crabb to Volcaneum after having met him in Pooktook in 1863. At Volcaneum, they met Tok Timbu who told them of the impossibility of escaping the island.[3] They also met Bix, who accompanied them on their continued journey to Waterfall City.[4]