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Morning in treetown

Treetown is located up among the branches of a forest near the western end of the Backbone Mountains. The town, which is some 5,200 ft. (1,585 meters or 130 Necks) above sea-level, was built out of wood from a forest felled by a storm long ago.


Young people visit Treetown to learn how to live in harmony with dinosaurs. It's also where youths train for the Dinosaur Olympics, and the winners are given the opportunity to go on and become Habitat Partners if they passed the additional associated training.

Will Denison, accompanied by his father Arthur and their guide Bix, spent many weeks here in 1865. The training offered by this village was part of Will's course to become a Skybax Rider. At this time, the current matriarch of Treetown was Norah.


Its a town that is built in a thick forest. There are a building in each tree ranging from one floor to up to three floors. There are stairs/ladders built around the tree trunk, which lead from the base of the tree all the way up to the building above. There are rope bridges connecting every building with one another. Each building does have a purpose from simply being the boys bedroom and girl bedroom to a full house or diner. The young boys and girls never sleep in the same building. There are also dinosaur barns at the ground to shelter the larger dinosaurs from stray carnivores.

Treetown does show up in the Dinotopia: The Sunstone Odyssey video game. It's made up of a network of wooden bridges and wooden pathways, which are build around tree trunks with housing built on top of them. Many areas have their own paintings on the hand rails, telling you which section of town you're in based on the painting's appearance. There is a rope cart like system which travels along a rope to different areas of Treetown.