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The Diluvium Nidek IV- Brachio Self-Pumper is a Brachiosaur powered fire engine that can carry eight firefighters in the modular cab. A triceratops accompanies the brachiosaur to carry an additional hose. The top speed the Brachiosaurus can manage with all the armor is a 12 mph fast walk. The pump is foot operated by the Brachiosaur and carries 180 pounds of pressure per square inch to overcome head pressure losses and hose friction. Output is 500 gallons per minute at a full extension of 1.25 Necks (approx 50 feet). The heat armor is fully articulated and a ladder is built into the neck pieces. A ladder drops from the modular cab to the ground so the fire fighters can reach an Aquifer (source of water) and communicate with the ground commander. The water cannon is mounted on the sauropods head and can swivel. The armor has a protective heat shielding mask with drop-down mouth screen, a breathing tube, and breathing filters on both sides. Wetted fabric protects the neck from the intense heat of the fire.

The fire chief of Sauropolis is Igneus Vinco.


Citation: Journey to Chandara pages 38-39.