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Strutter vs. T. rex

Strutters are animal-like machines originally created by the humans of Poseidos, which are now defunct.

In the books[]

Dinotopia: The World Beneath[]

The 1867 Denison Expedition passed through the Strutter Storeroom, with Arthur Denison, Oriana Nascava, Bix, and Lee Crabb consequently becoming the first in thousands of years to see strutters. Shortly thereafter, through the use of sunstones, the expedition members managed to "wake" some of the strutters to life. They then ventured up to the surface onboard a ceratopsian touring strutter (Arthur, Oriana, and Bix) and an arthropod sea scout (Crabb), the first strutters to walk in Dinotopia in millennia. These strutters were later destroyed in quick succession. Crabb destroyed the ceratopsian strutter using his own strutter and the arthropod sea scout later sank into the sea after Arthur unclamped the Ruby Sunstone from it while pursuing Crabb.

Dinotopia: Thunder Falls[]

In 1868, Lee Crabb discovered a functional crab-shaped strutter in the ruins of New Chandaran. Crabb used the strutter to travel to the village of Tuckford. There, Crabb used the strutter to help the village in herding away a group of invasive Albertosauruses back to the Rainy Basin. The subsequent fate of this strutter is unknown.

Dinotopia: First Flight[]

The strutters's history is revealed in this book.

The strutters were invented and built by the ancient Poseidians. The Poseidians developed and built strutters at the Strutterworks in Poseidos. Strutters were, alongside the flying skimmers, the primary mode of transportation in ancient Poseidos, especially after dinosaurs were banned from the city.

At one point, Ogthar, the last ruler of Poseidos, presented one of these machines, which insect-like in design, to his audience during a circus event and stated that his newest creation would make the dinosaurs "obsolete". This particular strutter ended up wreaking havoc and nearly killed a performing Megaraptor. [1]

During the Age of Heroes, Roff Stricker was in charge of the Strutterworks. Strutters were extensively used by the Poseidians during their invasions of the Dinotopian mainland in the Age of Heroes. Some strutter bases were established by the Poseidians on Dinotopia's eastern coastline to effectivize the invasions.[3] In the Age of Heroes, new strutters were designed and built in the Strutterworks by intelligent robots. In order to get the designs right, the Poseidians captured real animals to serve as inspiration.[4] Some animals were held in suspended animation in glass cylinders and others were kept in cages.

After the fall of Poseidos in 1484 BC, many strutters were saved by escaping Poseidians and brought to the World Beneath, where they were stored in the Strutter Storeroom. Like the rest of Poseidos, the strutters were over the course of the millennia forgotten and came to be regarded merely as legend. In the Scrolls of Poseidos, strutters are mentioned as a set of "metallic creatures" who received life from the "jewels" they wore.

In the movies[]

Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone[]

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Dinotopia: The Timestone Pirates[]

Dinotopia: The Sunstone Odyssey[]



  • The Strutters resembles to the mechanical animals Zoids.


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