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Skybax riders

Fly high, seek peace. — Skybax rider motto

Skybax Riders are Dinotopians trained to ride Skybaxes. Canyon City is the center of Skybax rider training, though there are other training facilities known as Skybax camps. Skybax riders occasionally participate in friendly contests known as Air Jousting. Training to be a Skybax rider has harsh physical demands, and two skills essential for a Skybax rider are tranquility and balance. The bond between a Skybax and its rider is very strong, and is a lifelong commitment. The Skybax riders can be traced back to the glory days of Poseidos. During this time, revolutionary Gideon Altair created a strong bond with the Skybax Avatar.

Role in Society[]

The Skybax riders are fundamentally couriers of information, scouts and observers. In "The World Beneath" Will Denison is sent to act as a decoy/alternate target to protect a convey across the rainy basin.


  • Master Pilot - Few of these are seen, the two being Oolu and Zemango Kokobeya.
  • Apprentice - Whilst these seem to come in droves, the only known are Sylvia Romana and Will Denison.
  • Beginner - This role is reserved for those just starting with their training.
  • Unique roles: Jousting Master - Zemango Kokobeya

Significant Locations[]

  • Highnest - The first real nesting ground of the Skybax.
  • Canyon City - Center of Skybax Training, It holds a large rookery, Petros.
  • Ebulon - A southern training camp, on the border to Chandara. It hosts an Air Jousting Course.

List of Riders and their Skybaxes[]

Rider - Skybax


  • The Skybax will not fly beyond the Sentinels (large statues in the canyons by Canyon City).
  • The Skybax can sense fear in the human soul and will not permit a human with excess fear to ride it.