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Sky City is a city in the Forbidden Mountains between the Tentpole of the Sky and Thermala.


The first sign that one is approaching closer near Sky City is the electric lampposts. There is also joyous laughter and human children are seen sledding on shed Megaloceros antlers.

Climbing further uphill, there can be seen more sled and toboggan trails. Sky City is set inside a glacial bowl with jagged peaks all around it. A human will catch a sled on the outside of ton and ride all the way to his or her destination, either in or out if the city.

As one continues uphill, Sky City comes into view. It is nestled in a perfect circle of snow like a twinkling ornament on a white cake. All the buildings have the smoothed, rounded look of the original igloos that were built here.

The clock tower, which is actually made up of four towers, rises in the center of town. Sky Galleys can sometimes been seen floating above the rightmost and leftmost towers. Of the four white towers only the middle two hold clocks, both copies of the Helicoid geochronograph Spiral Clock in Waterfall City. Fanning out from the city like the rays of the Sun are roads and sled trails brightly lit by colored lights. On the north slope, windmills spin like a squadron of phantom propellers. The wind is a constant force here, and windmills provide low-cost heat and light to the community.