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Rutiodon ("wrinkle tooth") is a genus of crocodile-like phytosaur archosaur. Arthur and Will Denison saw a Rutiodon in Volcaneum helping with the bellows at Tok Timbu's forge.[1]

Brief mistakes in River Quest[]

In River Quest, a female Rutiodon character makes an appearance, yet she is a few times mistaken as a kind of dinosaur, even though the book also states that her kind is a distant crocodilian cousin, and dinosaurs and crocodilians (as well as their distant phytosaur relatives) are clearly not the same thing.

It is also said in this book that Rutiodon is the only nonhuman species in Dinotopia to still have relatives on the mainland continents. This is highly inaccurate because, as seen throughout the entire series, there are countless nonhuman animal species throughout Dinotopia with mainland kin, most notably the nonhuman mammals of the Forbidden Mountains of Armakia.