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The Ruby Sunstone is a red-colored sunstone. Strongest of its kind and perhaps most dangerous. It can magnify the dark desires of anything it touches, including both humans and machines. It is said that a man or machine with pre-existing dark intentions can "drink enough power from the sunstone to destroy all of Dinotopia".

In the books[]

Dinotopia: The World Beneath[]

The Ruby Sunstone was unearthed by the ancient Poseidians in the crowning days of their empire. According to the legends of the Scrolls of Poseidos, the sunstones were in ancient times discovered by Ogthar of Poseidos by going deep into the Earth where "the sun goes to sleep at night", reaching into the "sun's bed" and there plucking out the shining stones. Among the stones found, the scrolls claim that one was of ruby color and held great power.

The Ruby Sunstone was rediscovered in the Palace of Kings by Arthur Denison, Oriana Nascava, and Bix in 1867. Shortly after its rediscovery, it was stolen by Lee Crabb who used it to power his arthropod sea scout. Crabb intended to leave Dinotopia, sell off some treasures stolen from the Palace of Kings as well as some ancient Poseidian science, and use the money to finance the creation of a strutter fleet with which he could return and wipe out the dinosaurs. Crabb nearly succeeded in leaving the island, but was stopped when Arthur unclamped the Ruby Sunstone from his strutter and threw it into the sea in Sapphire Bay. Unbeknownst to Arthur, they were right above the underwater ruins of Poseidos. The Ruby Sunstone thus came to quietly rest among the ancient sunken ruins.

Dinotopia: First Flight[]

At some point during the Age of Heroes, the Ruby Sunstone was through some means brought to the pterosaur rookery of Highnest for safekeeping. Whereas the sunstone usually held the power to magnify dark desires, it safely bound together the energies of good and evil for all of Dinotopia when kept in Highnest. The Poseidians stole the sunstone back and took four pterosaurs―Avatar, Catapult, Scimitar, and Zanzibar―prisoner deep in the Strutterworks. The Poseidian student Gideon Altaire freed the pterosaurs and stole the Ruby Sunstone, intending to bring it back to Highnest, though was intercepted by Poseidian forces while traversing Mukkawukka Swamp. Having retrieved the sunstone, the Poseidians used it to power a massive Air Scorpion. The Air Scorpion, piloted by Roff Stricker, was used in an assault on Highnest soon thereafter, though Gideon and his allies managed to defeat it and take the sunstone back to Highnest.

The sunstone returned to Poseidos at some point after the battle with the Air Scorpion. During the fall of Poseidos, King Ogthar and his followers rescued the Ruby Sunstone and other portions of the royal treasury, as well as a small fleet of strutters, from the sinking city. Ogthar's group escaped to the World Beneath through the Northern Barge Canal and for a time attempted to rebuild their laboratories in the caverns. Eventually they became divided among each other through strife[1] and one group of the underground Poseidians re-emerged in the Rainy Basin in search for a new life. To pay for safe passage through the jungles, the Poseidians gave the royal treasury to the tyrannosaurs. They built the Palace of Kings, where the sunstone and treasure were stored away for millennia.

In the movies[]

Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone[]