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Almaron Dorsalplate 001

Almaron giving a speech.

Myops, An Amargasaurus

Myops, an Amargasaurus at the Round Table Council in Waterfall City... Myops displays not only meritocratic behaviors but also simple aristocratic pomposity rarely seen in the Dinotopia canon.

The Round Table in Waterfall City was one of the city's most esteemed decision-making and policy-making council.  The council was made up iconically with both humans on high stools and dinosaurs who could reach the table with no difficulty.  It follows naturally that the council was characterized by the thoroughly utopian democracy but there was also a slight sentiment of meritocracy.

Utopian Meritocracy vs. Utopian Democracy[]

The first glimpse of the Round Table Council in Waterfall City is depicted in James Gurney's second book: the World Beneath.  In the text and illustrations, both in this part of the storyline and others there is a clear esteem of age and experience.  This fact may be a glimpse into the author's partiality towards a utopian meritocracy.  One point to be considered is that most dinosaurs in Dinotopia live much longer than the average human thereby making dinosaurs the favored council members simply because of longevity.  Whereas a strict utopian democracy would elect representatives based on the popularity of their policies, the utopian meritocracy would seem to be more present.

Dinosaurs respected for their advanced age[]

Almaron - a stegosaurus... "An elderly Stegosaurus named Almaron rattled his plates and drummed his foot on the speaking platform for attention."

Brokehorn - a triceratops... "A majestic Triceratops named Brokehorn shifted his six-ton bulk on his resting couch and said, 'Let the professor have his say.' "