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Non-Canon The subject of this article or section is non-canon since it only features in noncanonical material, such as the 2002 miniseries, or features material that otherwise conflicts with accepted canon sources.

Rosemary Seville is the matriach of the Earth Farm. She is Dinotopia's matriarch. It takes a lot of love and devotion to be a Matriarch, and Rosemary Seville has a lot of that. She oversees every aspect of life on Dinotopia, and has great say in the island's policies. She does her best to uphold Dinotopian traditions and philosophies, as well as tend to the needs and dilemmas of every citizen on the island. Hers is a kind but strict form of influence - like a mother or close friend. She expects nothing less than what others expect of her, and usually both are the case. However, on the day the Scott boys found themselves on Dinotopia, she has had all she could do to first fathom their modern day adolescent idiosyncrasies, then assist them in fitting in on Dinotopia. David Scott is found willing enough to adapt, but his inner uncertainties get in the way of him being all he could be. Karl Scott, on the other hand, seems capable of being all he could be if he only would accept the fact that he is going to be here for the rest of his life, and the demeanor he had in his former life does not apply. But through their combined efforts, they end up helping everyone despite the perceived roadblocks they encounter. Rosemary Seville was wise to let them discover this on their own.


Outside of the Earth Farm.

She is 19 generations Dinotopian, and can talk to dinosaurs just like her daughter. She is strong willed and she is a wise teacher and leader.