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Romano's Hatchery is an Egg Hatchery located near the northwestern coast of Dinotopia. The hatchery is owned and operated by the Romano family: GiorgioMaria, and their daughter Sylvia. It's also staffed by several other humans, including Alec Orchardwine, and dinosaurs, such as the Ovinutrix.[1]



A cross-section view of the hatchery. 1: Nesting room, 2: Pipe organ, 3: Resting chamber, 4: Incubation room, 5: Human sleeping chamber, 6: Living and dining areas, 7: Stairway, 8: Signal tower

The Hatchery is a large structure built of stone, large enough to house sauropods and living quarters for the many humans or dinosaurs who oversaw it.[2] The building is surrounded by pastureland, providing food for the expecting dinosaurs inside.[3]

The hatchery contains a nesting room with egg basins made of hardened clay and padded with ferns, a pipe organ that could be played by an animal with large feet, a resting chamber for relaxation, an incubation room kept at about 101 degrees fahrenheit, a human sleeping chamber capable of housing up to twelve hatchery workers, dining areas for human inhabitants, guest quarters, a windmill, and a signal tower housing a faceted quartz stone.[4]


Arthur and Will Denison were led to the Hatchery by Sylvia Romano, shortly after arriving in Dinotopia in November of 1862.[5] They spent a few days there, getting acquinted with the Dinotopian way of life, before departing for Waterfall City.[6]