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Pelledrine was one of the four ancient empires of Dinotopia during the Age of Heroes. It was a tribal confederation of people and dinosaurs that occupied the western lands beyond the Forbidden Mountains. Many of its inhabitants lived in treetop fortresses or behind wooden pallisades in the Rainy Basin. The largest settlement occupied by the Pelledrines was Waterfall Fortress, a settlement that millennia later would become Waterfall City.[1]


Map Ancient Pelledrine

The approximate extent of Pelledrine during the Age of Heroes.

The Pelledrines befriended the top carnivores of the Rainy Basin, such as Tyrannosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Allosaurus, and Megaraptor, and won their respect through patience and bravery. They were not a settled society, raising no crops, but were skilled fishermen and hunters.[2]

The Pelledrines never developed much in terms of weapon technology, it being mostly useless when mounted on large predatory dinosaurs. Following the Massacre at Bent Root, some Pelledrines formed a group known as the Saurian Knights, fashioning crossbows, armor and basic swords as defensive weapons, though in the process they lost the confidence of the tyrannosaurs, breaking their alliance.[3]


During their first journey towards Waterfall City in 1862, Arthur and Will Denison passed by the ruins of Baz, a lost city near the city of Pooktook.[4] This city was possibly constructed by the Pelledrines, or by a subsequent lost civilization in the same region.


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