Creatures the size of ostriches care for the eggs, keeping them warm in transit.Arthur Denison

Oviraptor ("egg-stealer" or "egg-seizer") is a genus of small theropod dinosaur. Commonly believed to steal eggs, some Oviraptors worked at Romano's Hatchery and were identified as Ovinutrix ("egg-nurse").[1]



An Ovinutrix at Romano's Hatchery.

is a birdlike dinosaur with a toothless beak and a bony crest on its head. In Dinotopia, two distinct populations of Oviraptor exist. Oviraptor in western Dinotopia were almost featherless and colorful, with a red crest, a blue throat, and a purplish-reddish colored body.[2]

The eastern variety, present in Chandara, was covered in blue feathers and had a golden throat and black crest.



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