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We are the Orofani; the Wandering Ones. Descendants of those humans and dinosaurs for whom the cities were too confining, the lowlands too damp, and the seacoast too open. Our ancestors fled an ancient tragedy in the islands of the eastern sea and made the Great Desert their own, free of beaurocracies and civilized constraints. Here [...] we make our own laws and render our own judgments -- on food, philosophy, procreation, each other, and life.Yannawarru, of the Orofani [ The Hand of Dinotopia]

The Orofani, or the "Wandering Ones," were a nomadic tribe from the Great Desert. They choose to live outside of mainstream Dinotopian society, finding it too constraining. The tribe was made up primarily of humans and stegosaurid. While traveling, the humans resided in huge tents built from poles and cloth atop the larger stegosaurids' backs. Will Denison and Chaz find hospitality with a group of Orofani as they search for Sylvia Romano.


Yannawarru mentions that the ancestors of the Orofani "fled an ancient tragedy in the islands of the eastern sea." It is possible that the Orofani were descendants of survivors from Poseidos.

Background Information[]

The Orofani seem to be based on the Bedouin.