Myops, An Amargasaurus

Myops, at the Round Table Council.

Myops was an Amargasaurus elder in 1867. He wore a headdress with three monocles suspended from it, two over each eye, and a third in the middle, possibly for a different degree of magnification. He had a unique, flustered way of speaking. When Arthur Denison called a meeting to propose another expedition to the World Beneath, Myops corrected Arthur's analysis of the key he had brought: it was not made of bronze, but orichalc, and it was not a whole key, but half a key. Myops asserted that the other half of the key was lost and would never be found.

Background Information

Myops' name likely comes from the word "myope," which means a person afflicted with myopia. "Myopia" can refer to a condition of the eye more commonly known as "nearsightedness," or it can refer to a lack of discernment, long-range planning, or an inability to "think outside the box." Both definitions apply to Myops.