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Moropus (meaning "slow foot") is a mammal, belonging to a group called chalicotheres, which are perissodactyl ("odd-toed") mammals that include the modern horse, rhino, and tapir.

Like other chalicotheres, they differ from their outworld relatives in having large claws, rather than hooves, on the front feet. Moropus stand about 8 feet (2.4 m) tall at the shoulder. The three highly compressed claw-like hooves on each foot are split down the middle. These claws actually gave Moropus its name: "slow" or "sloth foot". This name implies that because of the claws, Moropus is a clumsy mover. But the articulation of the phalangeal (finger) bones, in addition to large foot and toe pads, enable it to move about quite smoothly. Because the hooves curve inward, it has a pigeon-toed gait.

In the outside world[]

Fossils of Moropus have been found in North America.

In the books[]

Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time[]

Moropus lives in the Forbidden Mountains.