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Megaladapis, is a genus of primates that inhabits the Forbidden Mountains.

Appearance and habits[]

The closest outworld relatives of this genus are the sportive lemurs (genus Lepilemur), and together the two genera make up the Lepilemuridae family. However, Megaladapis is far different from any lemur. Its body is squat and built like that of the koala. Its long arms and fingers are specialized for grasping trees (and are also useful for weaving), while its legs are splayed for vertical climbling.

Additionally, its head is unlike any other primate. Megaladapis has long canine teeth and a cow-like jaw, forming a tapering snout. Its jaw muscles were powerful for chewing through the tough vegetation. Overall, its body weight reaches 50 kilograms. The shape of its skull is unique among all known primates, with a nasal region which shows similarities to those of black rhinos.

In the Outside world[]

Unlike their mountain-dwelling Dinotopian cousins, outworld Megaladapis lived in the tropical forests of Madagascar.