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Khasra by Moonlight 1K

The outside walls.

Chandara 450

Khasra marketplace

Khasra is a fortified desert city that lies at the crossroads of several ancient trade routes and is famous for its waters, drawn from the Subamu River, which courses through a series of caverns deep underground. It is the home to Dinotopia's best mathematicians and masters of tile work. The Kentrosaurus bakery is known for its torus-shaped bread loaves. In its market, where sums are worked on a giant dinosaur-mounted abacus, visitors can experience the bewitching aromas of the curries from Meeramu, the sweet fragrance of wood in the lute maker's workshops, and the fruity tang of the oranges from Fimli.[1]

The eastern gate of Khasra


  • Kentrosaurus
  • Triceratops
  • Utahraptor