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Profile - Kex Bradley

Kex Bradley is one of the main protagonists in the animated film Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone.



In the movie[]

Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone[]

At the beginning of the film, Kex Bradley was an orphan and lived in the "PACIFIC BOYS HOME" orphanage. He was taking some of his stuff with him (as shown at the beginning.) Then, he outside the building, on his skateboard, and then went down outside the other side from the orphanage. He later came upon the docks, where he can snuck on one of the crates. Later, he was seen on a lifeboat on a cargo-boat. He was most lonely at first, but he felt better after he feels the cold breeze. A little later, a thunderstorm made the day worst, and Kex felt seasick. Then, he heard some men shouting as the crates were separating, and before he knew it, the chains that were holding the lifeboat & Kex broke, causing it to fall into the ocean. Luckily, Kex wasn't badly hurt, but he realized that he was really lost at sea. He calls for help, but to no avail, it was already too late.

The next morning, Kex found himself on an island that isn't Bora Bora. Next thing he knew, he heard a female voice coming from the bushes, and it was holding Kex's backpack. Kex tried to take his backpack, but the creature was so strong, it pulled Kex through the bushes, and to his shock, a Chasmosaurus was looking at him, and he went shaking with fear. Then just when another dinosaur (actually Shanise) came besides 26, Kex ran away screaming.

The female Chasmosaurus ran after Kex, who's still running until he came to a cliff. Just before he was about to fall, the same Chasmosaurus saved his life, but Kex, who was still frightened told her that dinosaurs have been extinct her millions of years. 26 agreed, but not everything is extinct at "Dinotopia". She introduced herself as her name is known simply as "26". Kex only introduced his age number (probably cause her name is a number), and told her that she looks 12, 13 tops. This flattered 26, and they walked down to the beach.

Later on, Kex was showing his skateboard tricks to all the dinosaurs and humans on a Pterodactyl, until he went towards a girl named Mara. But he crashed-landed to her tide-pool, who later shouts at him. But 26 comforted Mara and told her that Kex is a newcomer and doesn't know the Dinotopia ways around here. Then after they met two dinosaurs, Rhoga and Thudd, they walked another way towards the hatchery.

John introduces the kids to the hatchery, and Kex wished he had his own egg, but just before he could react, the sunstone began were flickering dangerously, as the sunstone was almost wearing out. Kex later meets Albagon, and the sunstone was working again, so John allowed Mara to pick her first egg. When 26 shows Kex and Mara the eggs, Kex asked John if he can pick his egg, but told him that having a "Sauro-Partner" is what he'll earn.

Just then, a meeting has been called at Waterfall City, and the kids had to stay alone, with 26, in charge, while John and Albagon are away. But instead of having to work, they goofed off and bounced on the beds. They later slept, and didn't realized that the eggs were stolen the next day.

Later on, on their quest to search for the eggs, Kex Bradley found Rhoga and Thudd and tied them with with the ground roots. They broke free, but Kex managed to get away from them, only to have him fall into some quicksand. After a first meeting with Spazz, they kept on walking.

Then later, they came to Blustery Bluffs Canyon and met a Tyrannosaurus Rex named Stinktooth, right after 26 pulled the splinter out of his mouth. Then, after realizing of all the problems that happen to him after he came to Dinotopia, Kex refuses to help 26 to search the dinosaur eggs. 26 insisted both Kex and Mara to work together to save the eggs, as well as the sunstone, so Kex and Mara along with Spazz agreed to work together, only this time, like a family.

Later on, Ogthar's mansion got destroyed by 26, Kex and Mara used one of Ogthar's dinosaur machines, and won by crashing a tree on Rhoga and Thudd (only Rhoga got hit).

During the conclusion, Kex was awarded by John to choose his first dinosaur egg for saving Dinotopia, and during the end credits, the hatchling that Kex got was a Parasaurolophus.