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Non-Canon The subject of this article or section is non-canon since it only features in noncanonical material, such as the 2002 miniseries, or features material that otherwise conflicts with accepted canon sources.

Karl Scott is, along with his brother, David, one of the main characters of the Dinotopia miniseries and TV series.

Karl is the slightly older brother of the two Scott brothers. The two have different mothers, so this makes them half brothers; although in the TV series they were brothers, not half brothers. Karl is the cocky, egotisical and a bit obnoxious brother. He's also athletic, and a bit of a girl seeker (as stated by David in the series, more like his hit and run victims). Karl thinks he has it all; until he is washed up on Dinotopia. At first Karl is stubborn and headstrong, while wanting nothing more than to leave Dinotopia, however near the end of the mini-series he learns to like Dinotopia.

In the TV series, Karl likes Dinotopia more than he did in the mini-series but still misses home. After all the competition for Marion's love, Karl wins.

He was played by Tyron Leitso in the former, and Erik von Detten in the later.

He is given the responsibility of looking after an orphaned Chasmosaurus named 26. Getting 26 lightened Karl up a bit and helped him learn to care more for his responsibilities.