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The Hand of Dinotopia is a landmark that marks a successful sea route away from Dinotopia.


It was built by an ancient civilization of Deinonychuses that dwelt in a highland city on Outer Island. Long ago, unknown to the greater part of Dinotopia, the Outer Island was invaded by barbaric human cultures brought to Dinotopia safely through a sea route to the outside world. The newcomers to the island were composed of Roman and Chinese war vessels, that made landfall unto Dinotopia's waters. At Outer Island, the humans brought war, attacking and killing both human and dinosaur alike, enslaving the low lands of the island. The invasion of Dinotopia was halted after the cries from the lowlands were received by the Deinonychus. They waged war on the invaders, driving them back into the sea, where the enraged sea beasts sank there ships. However though the Deinonychus warriors had saved Outer Island from the war-like humans, the stink of unnatural death weighed heavy in their consciences. Guilty at the massaacre they were forced to commit, the Deinonychus slowly abandoned their civilization, and finally Outer Island. Before they left the Deinonychus used a small northern islet to mark the passage of the route out of Dinotopia so that future generations would know, using a mountain in a three fingered claw to point the way. The Hand of Dinotopia would later be forgotten, until clues to its existence were rediscovered by Sylvia Romano.


  • Hand of Dinotopia by Alan Dean Anderson