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A lot of folks on this island would have trouble with what I am about to teach you. This is why I ask you... please be cautious with the skills that I teach. — Castor warning Drake that not all Dinotopians agreed with the Guardians' methods.

Guardians of Dinotopia are Dinotopians who fight to protect Dinotopia from threats. They only appeared in Dinotopia: The Sunstone Odyssey.

Role in Society[]

Guardians of Dinotopia are closest Dinotopians had for police officers and military. Although perceived as mavericks for not above using weapon to restore order, it's not to say these peacekeepers violate the third Code of Dinotopia (Weapons are enemies, even to their owners.); rather, they use their armament exclusively to help those in need and never in hateful manner as Ms. Oxbridge put it. This faction also has its share amount of supporters, those whom its best members saved in particular.


  • War Hammer: Every Guardian of Dinotopia is armed with a two-handed war hammer with replaceable mallet head and a Sunstone counterweight. The counterweight arguably stores sunlight which then channeled to perform special attack called Sunstone Power.
    • Mallet Head: There are four mallet heads a Guardian can equip each with its own Sunstone Power and stronger than the last:
      • Wooden Mallet Head: Least damaging mallet head. Its sunstone power is Damage Amplified.
      • Stone Mallet Head: More damaging than Wood Mallet Dead. Originally wielded by Ms. Oxbridge, one of 3 Sages and retired Guardians of Dinotopia. Its sunstone power is Sunstone Stun, a pulse of energy which incapacitate surrounding enemies.
      • Bone Mallet Head: More damaging than Stone Mallet Dead. Originally wielded by Atouk, one of 3 Sages and retired Guardians of Dinotopia.
      • Metal Mallet Head: TBA
    • Sunstone Attachments: Smaller Sunstones which must be added into slots of equipped mallet head in order to harness its full offensive potential.
      • Red Sunstone: TBA
      • Green Sunstone: TBA
      • White Sunstone: TBA
  • Hobi Peppers: Peppers which can temporarily blind foes like pepper spray.
  • Swamp Rocks: Volatile green rocks which detonate upon impact.

Significant Locations[]

  • Training Cave: A cave where trainees being taught the ways of Guardians.
  • Treetown

List of Guardians of Dinotopia[]

  • Castor Pollux
  • Drake Gemini
  • The three Sages
    • Ms. Oxbridge, Sage of Mind
    • Hermit, Sage of Body
    • Atouk, Sage of Spirit