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Garzoz was a mulatto captain of the Felicity and the leader of a band of Iranun pirates from Mindanao from the Philippines. He styled himself as a regal naval officer and multilingual, skilled in speaking English, Spanish and another, possibly Polynesian.


In 1864 Garzoz led his band of pirates to commandeer the Felicity during the night when it was docked. The pirates face little resistance, as the crew was not on board and managed to take Captain Pembridge and his niece Rebecca Rawlins hostage.

Later the pirates came across a young man in the water in the sea. Throwing him a lifeline Garzoz was surprised to learn it was Joshua Longacre, a wealthy American scion that had been thought lost at sea for three weeks. The captain decided to hold the man for ransom and also learn how he survived this time.

After Joshua escaped with the aid of Milos, Lilith and Smiley, the Captain had attempted to pursue them using the Felicity but had run afoul with the Great Belt of Jewels that surrounded Dinotopia. It is unknown if he was among the survivors that were rescued by the passenger steamship the pirates had originally planed to attack.