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Frank Scott is the father of Karl and David Scott. He was played by Stuart Wilson in the mini-series and Michael Brandon in the TV series.


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At the beginning of the miniseries, Frank Scott is as a successful businessman, leading a very active social life. He lived in New York City, presumably divorced from his wife, Joanna. He meets with his two sons, Karl and David, and they fly in his plane over the ocean for a holiday. He decides to let the latter pilot the plane as he sleeps, confident he can fly it, but they suddenly unexpectedly hit a storm. Unable to control the plane, they crash in to the ocean. Karl and David successfully unbuckle their seatbelts, but their father's is jammed. He silently demands they go, and they, unwillingly, leave him to drown.

Luckily, however, Frank is able to undo his seatbelt at the last second, and swim to what he thinks is the surface. Though, unbeknownst to him, he has stumbled upon the World Beneath. Frank stayed down there for some time, before his sons and their companion, Cyrus Crabb, came down looking for the World Beneath, wanting sunstones. Frank is able to save them, and they leave the hard way, with sunstones, after the submarine they came in is destroyed. When he saw dinosaurs for the first time, Frank was amazed.

Later in the TV series, Frank's personality has changed slightly. During the first two episodes, he's determined to leave Dinotopia, but near the first half of the second episode, he accepts that he now lives on Dinotopia.