These are the basic terms of editing this wiki, if you break them you may receive a strike or a block/ban at an admin's discretion. Any other obvious anti-social behavior that is not listed, is also not tolerated. We are not out to block people from the site; so please don't force us by making bad-faith edits.

  • No swearing, or any-other form of foul language;
  • No vandalism;
  • No Spamming;
  • Do not edit another user's userpage, except if they ask you to;
  • Please name images after what they are, do not name it: Image0001.jpg or similar. Call it: (example: Arthur Denison.jpg). (Most formats are allowed);
  • Keep religious arguments off this wiki (unless it is about a Dinotopian religion);
  • Do not copy information from another site, write all your edits yourself. Not only because of copyrights, but because it will be your work then.