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The poster for the Dinotopia Mini-Series. Pictured from left are Marion, Zippo, David and Karl.

Miniseries title

The show's screen title.

Dinotopia is a miniseries created by Hallmark. It aired on ABC in 2002.


Rather than the books, which were set in a Victorian era, the mini-series was set in modern times and follows the story of two half-brothers, Karl and David Scott. Karl and David are flying on an airplane through a storm. Their father, Frank Scott, decides to let Karl take over and falls asleep. Karl flies them into a storm, which strikes the plane and the small aircraft crashes just off the coast of Dinotopia.

Resemblance to the books[]

Several plot devices in the series are similar to the books:

  • Zippo resembles Malik, the Time Keeper.
  • Cyrus Crabb resembles Lee Crabb, his father, who helps Will and Arthur Denison from the books get to Waterfall City. In the miniseries, Cyrus takes them to Waterfall City. Another thing to note is that in the books, to get into Waterfall City, you need to ride with a Wing Ambassador. In the series, however, they simply arrive by traveling on foot.
  • Marion Seville takes the place of Sylvia Romano, who is Will 's love interest in the books. She is the love interest of both brothers in the series as well and they fight over her several times. In the first book in the series, during their time in Treetown, Will joins with the others boys and scares the girl's in their quarters by making Tyrannosaurus rex noises. In the movies, Karl sneaks into the girl's quarters and asks Marion to go swimming with him.
  • David is the most like Will, choosing to study and become a Skybax Rider.
  • Unlike the books, they wash ashore without the help of Dolphins, and the more intelligent Dinosaurs can speak English, without the need for a translator, such as Bix.
  • An allude to Bix might be found in the character, 26, a Chasmosaurus whom Karl nurtures.
  • Romana Denison is the daughter of Will Denison.


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