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Dinotopia was a television series that was short lived. It ran from November 28, 2002 until August 17, 2003. It was a continuation of the miniseries. It was cancelled after the 6 episodes, however, all 13 episodes was broadcast. All 13 episodes were released later on a 3-DVD disk set.

The entire season 1 ended with a complete cliffhanger as the result there has been no new season since then.

List of episodes[]

Episode name Plot Airdate
"Marooned" Karl Scott wake up from a dream that humans and dinosaurs live together...but find out it all is real.. November 28, 2002
"Making Good" Mass sunstones power out seem to be happening across Dinotopia that forcing Dinotopian people to flee for their lives. November 28, 2002 
"Handful of Dust" Mystery killings of Stegosaurus and a Mystery man living so close to the rainy basin. December 5, 2002
"Le Sage" Problem arises at the Earth Farm from an unknown sickness outbreak that affecting all the dinosaurs. December 12, 2002
"Car Wars" A machine that does not need an dinosaur to make it move? Will it threaten the people who run the bus services and transportation? December 19, 2002
"The Matriarch" A Chasmosaur egg from the hatchery has been replaced with a T-Rex egg. A distraught woman named Iridia claims an Outsider child did it. Le Sage denies it but refuses to cooperate any further. Matriarch Rosemary questions Iridia's story. December 26, 2002
"Night of the Wartosa" Add a Plot July 27, 2003
"The Big Fight" Add a Plot July 13, 2003
"Contact" Add a Plot July 20, 2003
"Lost & Found" Add a Plot July 6, 2003
"The Cure Part 1" Add a Plot August 3, 2003
"The Cure Part 2" Add a Plot August 10, 2003
"Crossroads" Add a Plot August 17, 2003

DVD release[]

Dinotopia - The Series 2016 DVD release

2016 re-release

The series was initially released on January 1, 2004 on DVD.[1] It will be re-released on DVD on March 15, 2016.[2]


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