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Non-Canon The subject of this article or section is non-canon since it only features in noncanonical material, such as the 2002 miniseries, or features material that otherwise conflicts with accepted canon sources.

David Scott is a Dolphinback. He and his brother, Karl, are the protagonists of the Dinotopia miniseries and TV series.

David is sensitive, and caring while competing for Ashley 's love.

Before coming to Dinotopia, David felt that his life had little meaning. His father preferred his half brother, Karl over him because they were alike in almost every way. He felt that he was a disappointment and a screw up; that he'd never be good enough for his father. Arriving on the island, he became a more confident human being, as he was able to help save Waterfall city from certain destruction. Later, he discovered that his father had always been proud of him and that he was proud of what he had accomplished.

He was portrayed by Wentworth Miller in the miniseries, and Shiloh Strong in the later TV series.

He becomes a Skybax Rider to Freefall, an albino Pteranodon.