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Chomper is the eleventh of the Dinotopia digest novels written by Donald F. Glut.


"Perry and his friend Stoutpoint come across an unusual find -- a hatchling gigantosaurus! Unable to resist the baby's cries of hunger, they take the injured dinosaur to their village. Chomper conforms to a diet of fish and invertebrates, but when the dinosaur's appetite outgrows the village stores, something has to be done!"

Plot Summary[]

Perry takes this lost and weak dino home to ask his mom if the could keep the baby Giganotosaurus. His mother sent a letter to the council elders. About an hour later his mom came home and agreed. For a year, Perry taught Chomper games and how to talk the human speech, but he never got the concept to learned how. Chomper taught Stoutpoint how to speak his language. Stoutpoint had an idea. He wanted to put Chomper in the dinosaur Olympics. So Perry, Chomper and Stoutpoint went to go sign up at the fair. When they got there, there was a huge commotion. Some birdlike dinosaurs greeted Chomper. Chomper saw them and tried to eat them. He knocked down several tents. Then they took Chomper home. A year later, Chomper looked ill. When Chomper explained what was bothering him, Stoutpoint translated and explained that if Chomper did not have meat soon, he could die. Perry came up with a solution. He took Chomper down to a swamp. Chomper began to feed on insects. Finally, Chomper was satisfied. One day, Stoutpoint suggested putting Chomper in the dinosaur Olympics again. This time, Chomper did very well. Chomper grew and grew. So did Perry.