• DrShaw

    This is an early review from what I have read from the first book of the main series.

    So far from what I have read even tho i'm just half way though the book but it a pure awe world that you can almost touch from how well thought out it is and the all painting will make you stop and look for some time due to how well fitting it is in the setting. This book will spark your mind of thinking on how this world was even made. This will be edited more.

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  • DrShaw

    I have jump into a mess of editing. Many of these pages clearly need more editing and content adding to them and let this is my first day working on this wiki to make it better. On side notes....

    Dintopia waterfall city is a wonderful place from how the miniseries showed it. Higher standers. No crime and friendly people and dino! I have not read the book yet because i'm still waiting for them to show up at my door step. Then I can truly get into this dinotopian mood here!

    Edit 1 : 2nd day here and more page content work! woop woop! ..and yet there 350 pages that still need to be up-dated with info.. well! I have to keep chipping away at this to bring this wiki up-to-date!

    Breathe deep, seek peace!

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  • Vonhorndinotopia

    I have to admit that despite being crazy in other ways (or at least I used to be),  I derive a certain release and relaxation when contributing to my written fantasies and hobbies.  I have to be able at some point to let the stressors of the world go and enjoy something blatantly unreasonable.  I cherish the moments that I spend on Dinotopia and my own fanfiction in this world.  Ever since my childhood I have been unable to resist the beautiful illustrations which James Gurney placed so skillfully as to create a new world for us.

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  • Gcheung28

    Wikia Book Club: The Hobbit

    November 21, 2012 by Gcheung28

    We’re excited to announce the next book we’ll be reading for Wikia Book Club is J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit! Whether you’re new to Middle-earth or can recite the Elvin Hymn to Elbereth, this is a great way to celebrate the upcoming release of Peter Jackson’s film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

    Join us on the Literature Wiki Wednesday, Dec. 5th at 5pm PST and then again on Sunday, Dec. 9th at 5pm PST (if you can only make one that’s fine too) on to share your thoughts on Hobbit-holes, diminutive Dwarves, and smoldering Smaug- or whatever your favorite topic may be!

    Be sure to follow us on Good Reads and Twitter! While you’re at it, tweet @WikiReads with the title of the next novel you’d like us to Book Club.

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  • Starfleet Academy

    The latest news for the wiki.

    The most major changes are that I've deleted "Siege of Waterfall City". It wasn't a good article, since it just summarized the miniseries' end. In contrast to my last blog, I'm moving information from the TV stuff into a section named "Non-canon appearances" on articles which don't entirely focus TV Dinotopia. This move is due to the changes made to the story-line. I'd like to make it clear that I'm not trying to corral-off this information; this is the only way I can see that the information can be included without making — dare I say it? — conflicts in articles. I've also made a new guideline to highlight this: Dinotopia Wiki:Canon.

    Breath deep, seek peace
    Starfleet Academy (Messages)

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  • Starfleet Academy

    This is the latest news for Dinotopia Wiki!

    • I'm going to be redesigning the main page again. Any suggestions would be welcome! (blog coming soon)
    • I'm going to delete Siege of Waterfall City soon. Since this is an article, and doesn't really break any rules I'm happy for anyone to oppose this decision.

    In the Dinotopia Wiki:Community-corner, I said I had fixed the category tree. Well I did... and I kinda didn't. I was going to separate the books from the TV stuff. I've decided that this will be too hard, and too confusing for readers.

    I think (in light of my category stuff up), that we should try to include the TV stuff in the wiki. I mean without saying it's non-canon, or categorizing it differently. I'd quite like feed back on this idea; so i…

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  • Starfleet Academy

    Hi I'm Starfleet Academy; the bureaucrat/administrator of this wiki. This is the latest news for the wiki:

    The category-tree has been reorganized so all content information is in the category Content. More info on the reorganization can be found by viewing Category:Browse.

    I haven't created another poll for the mainpage. Any suggestions for another poll can be left on Project talk:Polls. I'll be making a new poll in a week or so.

    Since Project:Wikiproject Dinotopia on TV has had no one join it, I've decided I will leave the link under this heading as well. This goes for any future blogs and wikiprojects as well.

    I have seen some editors at work on the site, and I thank them for this. Don't be shy; if you see something that needs fixing: fix it…

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  • Starfleet Academy

    Hi everyone! I'm Starfleet Academy and I'm the administrator/bureaucrat for Dinotopia Wiki.

    I've created this blog to talk about the Dinotopia miniseries and TV series. (I used to always get those two mixed up! lol) I made a poll on the main page back on the 1st of December last year. This has been a great success, the poll (at the time of writing this) has 28 votes. 22 of these are for making a section of the wiki devoted to Televised Dinotopia. (This is a term I'm now going to use to differentiate the miniseries & Series from the written Dinotopia works (books).)

    I was going to set-up a new namespace to run this from, e.g Dinotopia_TV:, but I had my own reservations and was convinced by another user that this wasn't the best of ideas. Now I'…

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  • Starfleet Academy

    Hi, I've created this blog because I think that usernames (or useraccounts) are better than editing anonymously. Lets see why:

    • Having a username means that you have an identity;
    • Having a username means that you can show what you have done on a wiki(s);
    • Having a username means that you have a talk page;
    • Having a username means that the community can trust you, more than that of a group of numbers;
    • Having a username means that you can build a profile page, and tell the community about you;
    • or don't build a profile page, it is up to you...

    By the way; a username doesn't have to be your real name, you don't have to tell Wikia any info about yourself, and you don't have to tell the community anything about yourself.

    You can remain anonymous with a user…
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  • Starfleet Academy

    Hi I am Starfleet Academy. I have adopted this wiki and aim re-build it. I will need help so I am welcoming all who are interested in Dinotopia, to help me re-build this wiki. I will be open to suggestions and aim to please. I will be making a few tough choices, as to what is allowed and what is not on this wiki. Please don't hold this against me, for this wiki has to have an aim, but I will need guidance at times. So just [ post me a message] if you think I'm not making the right choices.

    Questions, comments and suggestion can all be posted below... I will try to answer all ASAP.

    [|action=watch}} Click here to follow this blog, and its comments!]

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