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Breathe deep. Seek peace, Arthur Denison. No rocks, I hope?Bix

Bix was a Protoceratops multilinguous ambassador who traveled Dinotopia, going wherever she could be of service. She was a native of Canyon City, where elder nestmate Hylo and mother Petra still lived in a comfortable apartment. In the 1860s, Bix spent most of her time in the northwest of Dinotopia, where she encountered Arthur and Will Denison.

She spoke seventeen major languages (including Hittite, Etruscan, and Hypsilophodont), was an expert mimic of sounds, and was widely respected for her sense of humor, wisdom, and eagerness to help others.[2]


She was the first dinosaur Arthur and Will Denison encountered after they were cast ashore. In fear, Arthur threw a rock at Bix, injuring her. Bix was then bandaged by Sylvia Romano and departed shortly thereafter.[3] Bix later met the Denisons at Volcaneum, where she properly introduced herself and then guided them to Waterfall City, becoming good friends with Will in the process.[4]

At the Waterfall City Library, Bix helped Will learn the Dinotopian footprint alphabet.[5]

She became Arthur’s closest dinosaur friend and was his most frequent adventuring companion, accompanying him on his trip through The Portal to the World Beneath (she even helped design the submersible they used to leave), on the Denison Expedition, and on the later Chandaran Expedition.