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Whether or not the claims are true I cannot say. Nevertheless, as a practical man[...] I now make a habit of drinking the tea of A. longevus.Arthur Denison

Arctium longevus (colloquially called Trilobur) is a type of thistle that grew only on Dinotopia, which, when brewed into a herbal tea, could extend a normal human life up to 250 years of age.


Every village cultivated a patch, not only for its considerable medicinal properties but also for its use in making Trilobite Tea. The root of A. longevus, when gathered just before the plant goes to seed was dried, ground, and made into tea with springwater from Bent Root. This gave extended life to humans who regularly drink it — some claimed as long as 250 years or more. It does not stop aging, but it slows the process considerably. Dinotopians begin taking the tea as soon as they are 24 years old. The plant is also used in a wide variety of healing salves and medicine. A. longevus grows three to six feet tall, and has purple flowers with hooked bristles that give it its common name, Trilobur. The plant can also be used to keep the wing membranes of pterosaurs strong and healthy.

Arthur Denison was dubious when Nallab told him about this plant when he first went to Waterfall City, but began drinking the tea nonetheless, after his visit to Treetown.