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Wilcome, wee laddie — Alec to Will Denison in the archaic english he spoke.

Alec Orchardwine lived and worked at Romano's Hatchery. Alec was "fifteen mothers English", descended from English dolphinbacks who had arrived in Dinotopia fifteen generations ago. Arthur Denison estimated that his ancestors would have landed on the island around 400 years ago.[2]

Alec spoke an archaic form of English that Arthur could understand, and told Arthur that the island they were on was named "Dinotopia", that all humans were descended from shipwrecked survivors saved by dolphins and that the main population consisted of dinosaurs.[3]

Behind the Scenes[]

Orchardwine is an anagram for Sir Richard Owen, who coined the word Dinosauria in 1842. The appearance of Alec is also based on that of Richard Owen.